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Hodgson Law Scholarships


Otgontuya Davaanyam

Course: International Human Rights Law (LL.M)


Area of Study: International Human Rights Law, Women and Children’s Rights and Business and Human Rights Law.


University: University of Liverpool


Nationality: Mongolia


Current place of Residence: Liverpool, England


Scholarship years: 2018 - 2019



Other information: Ms Otgontuya Davaanyam holds LL. B degree from the Shihihutug Law University in Mongolia. After obtaining her law degree in 2012, she pursued her career in business law and worked as an in-house counsel for one of the leading commercial companies in Mongolia and practised commercial and international dispute settlement in Anderson and Anderson international law firm as a junior attorney. When working in this international law firm, she particularly worked on commercial disputes engaged with international arbitration centers including the LCIA, and HKIAC.

 Having previously specialized in commercial and business law she now aims to change her career and pursue human rights law with the goal of contributing her passion and experience towards improving the conditions in her home country of Mongolia. After she obtained generous funding from the Hodgson Scholarship, she is actively developing her knowledge and expertise in international human rights law. While she is studying at the University of Liverpool, she is currently starting to work as a legal research intern in the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre to deepen her knowledge and experience in international law in business and human rights.

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