How it all began…


Joe Hodgson’s long and distinguished career in the Law is first recorded in the Law Society’s Roll of Solicitors of 1923.  He had been admitted as a solicitor to the Liverpool firm of Toulmin, Ward & Co. quickly becoming a partner in the merged firm of Toulmin, Hodgson & Brabner.  He remained with this firm, in its many guises, for the remainder of his professional life taking a consultancy role in the firm, as Brabner Holden & Co., in the 1960s after a lengthy career dedicated to the law.  The firm still thrives today as Brabners LLP, a top 100 UK Law firm.

A quintessential English gentleman, Joe Hodgson was known to his friends within the legal community of the time for his dignified bearing, his sporting prowess on the cricket field and the cut of his fine tweed suits.  Joe was also a keen skier and pursued this interest well into his seventies.  He served in the First World War in the King Edward Horse Regiment, serving in Egypt and Palestine.  He was also able academically, taking a degree in law from the University of Liverpool in 1914.

Joe was devoted to his wife, Elizabeth, to whom he was married late in life.  After growing up in Liverpool Elizabeth moved to West Kirby where she met and married Joe.  Elizabeth and Joe continued to live in West Kirby until Joe’s death in 1979.  It was Elizabeth’s express wish to set up a legal education trust in memory of Joe.

Advancing Education

The Hodgson Scholarships owe their origin to the Will of Elizabeth Hodgson, widow of the Liverpool Solicitor Joseph Hodgson, who expressed a wish to advance the education and training of lawyers who might work for the benefit of Merseyside.

The Trustees wish Hodgson Law Scholars to benefit from education in Liverpool with a view to encouraging the intellectual growth of promising law students and the nurturing of close links with the City of Liverpool and the Liverpool City Region.

LLM Scholarships

LLM Scholars will be elected for one year full time study. The LLM Scholarship application is a separate and distinct application from the application for a place on the postgraduate degree course.  Before applying for a Scholarship, you must first apply to the Liverpool University Selection Committee for a scholarship connected to a place at Liverpool University.

The Hodgson Law Scholarships are not available to applicants who are legal residents of the European Union or the United Kingdom and Hodgson Law Scholars will be ineligible to apply for other scholarships or bursaries at the University of Liverpool.

All University tuition fees will be paid on the Hodgson Law Scholars’ behalf by the Hodgson Trustees.  In addition, each Hodgson Law Scholar will receive a maintenance allowance of £9,207 as a contribution towards their living expenses in the United Kingdom.

Selection process for LLM

Selection of Candidates

The criteria which the Trustees have set out for the guidance of the Selection Committee include the following:

LLM Scholars should be able to demonstrate:

1. Academic excellence.
2. Evidence of an interest in legal and public service which may benefit the Liverpool City Region.
3. Potential and ambition for future leadership.
4. That they are not otherwise able to undertake a postgraduate degree at the University of Liverpool.

The Selection Committee

The task of identifying the Hodgson Law Scholars who best satisfy the selection criteria shall be made by a Selection Committee at Liverpool University. The Selection Committee will have available to them the following information which will inform their selections:

  • academic transcripts and certificates (including English language qualifications);
  • an essay prepared by the applicant (see Application page); and
  • appropriate letters of recommendation from referees.

It must be remembered that the University of Liverpool make their own decisions on admission to postgraduate law degrees and the election to a Hodgson Law Scholarship does not automatically guarantee entry to the University. Accordingly, election to the Hodgson Law Scholarship will not be formally confirmed by the Trustees until the scholar elect has been accepted by the University law department.

Please Read and Follow these 2 procedures CAREFULLY or your eligibility may be compromised.

1. Procedure 1: Application for the Scholarship
(a) Request an Application Form which can be found by clicking here
(b) Complete the Application Form and submit the form and ALL additional documents set out in the application procedure below


2. Procedure for application for an LLM place at University

Applicants should apply for, and hold an offer of place, for a full-time postgraduate taught degree in law (LLM) at the University of Liverpool to be eligible for the Hodgson Law Scholarship.

For more information about a full-time postgraduate taught degree in law (LLM) at the University of Liverpool please go to: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/courses/departments/index.php?department=law

PhD Scholarships

The Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholarship is open to high calibre graduates with personal, intellectual and inter-personal qualities necessary for leadership.

The Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholars will be elected for three years (maximum) full-time research.

Applications for the Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholarships should be made direct to Liverpool University.

Selection process for PhD

Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholars should be:

  • Able to use their studies and experience in the UK to benefit themselves, the Liverpool City Region and their country of origin.
  • Prepared to carry out a PhD in any area of law, provided that the chosen topic has strong political, social or economic relevance and the potential for broader impact.
  • Interested in making connections with the legal community in Liverpool and its region whilst pursuing their studies in Liverpool and maintaining those relationships after completion of their studies.
  • Able to demonstrate academic excellence, including a first degree and/or masters qualification in law.

Applicants should not be in receipt of any other international scholarship and should satisfy the University admission criteria for the postgraduate research programme.

Procedure for application for a PhD place at University

Applicants should apply for, and hold an offer of place, for a full-time postgraduate taught degree in law (LLM) at the University of Liverpool to be eligible for the Hodgson Law Scholarship.

For more information about a full-time postgraduate taught degree in law (LLM) at the University of Liverpool please go to: www.liverpool.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-research/degrees/law/