10th Anniversary of the Hodgson Scholarship

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10th Anniversary of the Hodgson Scholarship

Hodgson Scholars both past and present, together with representatives of Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool, met to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Hodgson Scholarship. Meeting at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool, attendees heard from trustee Michael Brabner on the history of the Scholarship and its origins from the bequest of Elizabeth Hodgson, widow of Liverpool solicitor Joe Hodgson.

The first Hodgson Scholar, Luz-Helena Hanauer and one of the current scholars, Anwesha Chatterjee spoke of their experience with the Scholarship and its impact on their lives. While not all Scholars were able to attend given the distances involved, three also sent a video recording which was enjoyed by the attendees and is available below.

Dr Tony Harvey, who manages the Scholarship at LJMU and has been instrumental in its development spoke to the successes of the Scholars, and relationships it has strengthened between Liverpool’s great law schools. In marking the 10th Anniversary of the Scholarship, the impact on the 32 scholars thus far, and the links it has forged between regions across the globe and Liverpool, attendees looked forward to the future of the Scholarship and its continuing work contributing to the transformative effect of legal education for individuals and their communities.