Fernanda Gamez

Hodgson Law Scholarships

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Fernanda Gamez

“On 10th July 2018 Fernanda (Hodgson Scholar 2017) delivered a paper to an Academic Seminar in London on Post-Legislative Scrutiny. The paper was entitled “Challenges to the implementation of post-legislative scrutiny in developing countries; the case of Mexico” and addressed the following issues.

Due to globalisation, the world has been facing different changes. One of those changes has impacted the role of parliaments around the world.  Whilst parliaments used to create law and leave its application to the other powers of the State that is no longer their role. Nowadays parliaments must demonstrate that the approved laws are fulfilling the purpose they were created for. This is the era of post-legislative scrutiny. Parliaments must implement mechanisms to evaluate the law. However whilst parliaments around the world share common responsibilities to their citizens, some parliaments may face more obstacles to implement post-legislative scrutiny effectively. The challenges to the implementation of post-legislative scrutiny in developing countries are many i.e. a lack of political will and lack of economic, human or methodological resources.

Fernanda’s paper took Mexico as a case study to analyse the main difficulties that a parliament in a developing country faces when looking to apply post-legislative scrutiny. Particularly, it focused on the congress of the state of Guanajuato which is the only congress which has implemented post-legislative scrutiny in Mexico.”