Hodgson Law Scholarships

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Chan Zi Xin

Course: LLM Master of Medicine, Healthcare and Law

Area of Study: Medical and Health Care

University: University of Liverpool

Nationality: Malasian

Current place of Residence: Liverpool, England

Scholarship years: 2016 - 2017

I have always been able to prove myself through my outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements. I attained 10A+ for the Malaysian Certificate of Education (GCSE equivalent) and this allowed me to receive a full sponsorship from the Ministry of Education of Malaysia to complete my Cambridge International A-Levels. My academic excellence continued to my bachelor level, I received the Brickfield Asia College’s Merit Scholarship to fund my Year 1 and Year 2 LLB studies in Malaysia. My consistent academic distinction then secured me a half fee waiver scholarship from the University of Liverpool to pursue my final year LLB in the UK, in which I had graduated with a first class honour. My hard work in research came to fruition when I won the Legal Research Competition (2016) and had my articles published in the University of Liverpool’s Law Bulletin (2016) and ‘Brickfields Law Review’ (2014). Outside of my academic pursuits, I am an active member of the University of Liverpool’s Mountaineering Club and Canoeing Club (2015-16). I am also part of the university’s women team for Squash Club (2016-17). My active involvement in sports has allowed me to make many new friends from different backgrounds, expanding and enriching not only my own cultural experiences, but also that of those whom I meet.

In 2016, I worked as a student advisor in the Liverpool Law Clinic where I was trained to write professional standard legal advice letters. Coming from the ethnically diverse country of Malaysia, I can communicate fluently in numerous languages (English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese), thus enabling me to volunteer as an interpreter for the Human Rights Module interview workshop. Working in the Law Clinic has exposed me to the inconvenient truth that justice is bereft of compassion and hinges heavily on technicalities. It has further my eyes to how legal problems beget one another, and how multiple sources of disadvantage interact to increase the vulnerability of clients from lower socio-economic groups who often have multiple legal problems (debt, welfare benefits, etc.). Pro bono legal services therefore become pivotal in filling in gaps left by legal aid cuts to assist those who most need legal assistance. The satisfaction I gain from helping those who would otherwise be deprived of justice has given me the drive and motivation to continue with this type of work. I also worked at the Jackson Canter as an assistant for the Hillsborough legal team during summer break. One of my main tasks was to summarise testimonial transcripts and post-mortem evidence into memorial statements for the bereaved families. This was an emotionally taxing but no less rewarding task because I understand that each memorial statement serves the vital purpose to provide the families with a lasting record of the inquest evidence and give them closure that their loved ones were unlawfully killed. I also collated evidence regarding the negligence of the South Yorkshire Police, as well as conducted both legal and background research into related individuals to further the investigations into the Hillsborough disaster. Collaborating with a dedicated legal team, I have developed a newfound passion in public law to challenge unaccountable state powers and to put social justice first.

I am truly grateful to be awarded the Hodgson Law scholarship which gives me the opportunity to pursue my postgraduate LLM study in an area of law (Medicine, Healthcare and Law) in which I have a genuine passion for. At the meantime, I am able to further build on the social and work bases that I have established in the UK and continue to serve to the local community. I am especially grateful to Dr. Tony Harvey from Brabners LLP who gave me this invaluable advice: “Live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.” He made me realise the importance to make the most of the present moment and appreciate whatever that is true in my life now. Therefore, I live my life to the fullest, I don’t just exist.