Hodgson Law Scholarships

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Ruth Febrina Silaban

Course : LLM International Business Corporate and Finance Law

University : Liverpool John Moores University

Nationality : Indonesia

Current Place of Residence : Liverpool, England

Scholarship Years : 2016 – 2017

Believing that education is the golden ticket for success has motivated Ruth Silaban to pursue a master’s degree in United Kingdom, in addition to being the first Indonesian to become a Hodgson Scholar. Her ambition led her to one of the best law schools in Indonesia, the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran, where she graduated with cum laude predicate. She had a dream to be a corporate lawyer assisting fellow Indonesians for small business development and expansion to reach the international market. In addition, she wants to strengthen the economic relations between Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Therefore, during her study she has developed several skills while building a network through many activities inside and outside of campus. To name a few:  2012 Global Development Youth Summit in Xi’an, China where she was chosen to be one of the delegations consequential of rigorous selection process with plenty of students from around the world as her competitors. Furthermore, she was also a member of Lembaga Pelayanan Mahasiswa Indonesia, a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ International.

In early 2014, Ruth was awarded Scholarship for Academic Achievement from her University. During that year, she also worked as an Intern at a law firm in Jakarta, namely Yudha Bahri Sihombing & Setiawan (YBSS Law Firm) to expand her theoritical understanding of corporate and commercial law. Afterwards, she undertook another internship program at one of Indonesia’s most prominent law firms - Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto (AKHH Lawyers). AKHH is widely known for its transnational practice consisting of foreign companies as clients. These internships have enriched her with many valuable experiences in legal practices such as; legal due diligence, contract review, and legal research.

Ruth is very passionate about business law and she is very grateful to be awarded the Hodgson Law Scholarship because it had opened up a chance for her to be a great corporate lawyer in the future.