Hodgson Law Scholarships

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Sonia Soon Chee Liang 

Course: Master of Laws in International Business, Corporate & Finance Law


University: Liverpool John Moores University


Nationality: Malaysia


Current place of residence: Liverpool, England


Scholarship Year: 2014-2015


I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a 2:1 law degree qualification. I was very active whilst at University as I believe that one should make use of their time at University in any best way they can. I took on many volunteer roles, worked part time and studied hard. I was a mentor / peer coach for students that needed a little helping hand. I believe that every help offered, whether big or small, can bring about a huge impact for them. Also, I was an events coordinator for the University’s Malaysian Society where I help organized the Society’s first Malaysian Night which ended up winning the Best Society Night at the Student Recognition Evening. Besides that, I took up a lot of work that involved spreading legal awareness as well as work that allowed me to work with young adults where I could inspire them to push themselves to being the best they could be.

After returning to Malaysia, I prepared to sit for my Malaysian Bar exams. I was not sure if I was ready to go through it, and I imagine it would be a better idea to gain more knowledge and qualification before settling down and becoming a lawyer. I saw the opportunity to further my studies with the Hodgson Law Scholarship and took a chance and applied for it.

I have always had a passion for the commercial aspect of the law and being able to incorporate the two together in a course was the perfect fit for me. Both my parents are the biggest influences in my life, whether it was making sure I always have an inquisitive mindset, or offering words of encouragement to give me that extra push I needed. My aim is to find a balance in life, to be able to; “work hard and play hard”, as they put it. I enjoy travelling, photography, dancing, trying different kinds of food and being able to take risks and try different things in life. 

Besides having a passion in the legal field, I also have a passion in educating. I find it very rewarding to be able to impart my knowledge and experiences to do those who are in need of it. Upon competition of my LLM, I have many aspirations to head towards, which is the beauty of this LLM program. I would definitely love to continue my path to being a corporate lawyer, however, along the way, if other opportunities arises, I will have an open mind towards it. I would possibly venture into being a lecturer to gain a different kind of experience or look into the area of Marine Law. The world is my oyster, that’s how I like to see it.