Hodgson Law Scholarships

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Selection of Candidates

The criteria which the Trustees have set out for the guidance of the Selection Committee include the following:

LLM Scholars should be able to demonstrate:

1.  Academic excellence.

2.  Evidence of an interest in legal and public service which may benefit the Liverpool City Region.

3.  Potential and ambition for future leadership.

4.  That they are not otherwise able to undertake a postgraduate degree at either institution.

Hodgson Doctoral Research Scholars should be:

  • able to use their studies and experience in the UK to benefit themselves, the Liverpool City Region and their country of origin
  • prepared to carry out a PhD in any area of law, provided that the chosen topic has strong political, social or economic relevance and the potential for broader impact.
  • interested in making connections with the legal community in Liverpool and its region whilst pursuing their studies in Liverpool and maintaining those relationships after completion of their studies.
  • able to demonstrate academic excellence, including a first degree and/or masters qualification in law.


Applicants should not be in receipt of any other international scholarship and should satisfy the University admission criteria for the postgraduate research programme.

The Selection Committees

The task of identifying the Hodgson Law Scholars who best satisfy the selection criteria shall be made by a Selection Committee at Liverpool University in respect of the Liverpool University Hodgson Law Scholars and by a Selection Committee at Liverpool University.  The Selection Committee will have available to them the following information which will inform their selections:

  • academic transcripts and certificates (including English language qualifications);
  • an essay prepared by the applicant (see Application page);
  • appropriate letters of recommendation from referees.


It must be remembered that the University of Liverpool make their own decisions on admission to postgraduate law degrees and the election to a Hodgson Law Scholarship does not automatically guarantee entry to the University.  Accordingly, election to the Hodgson Law Scholarship will not be formally confirmed by the Trustees until the scholar elect has been accepted by the University law department.