What the past scholars and alumni have said…

I received my LL.M from the University of Liverpool in 2020. I was fortunate to have received the Hodgson Scholarship for my Masters at the University of Liverpool (2019-2020) that provided me with the right global platform to pursue my academic interests. Studying at the University of Liverpool and spending a year in the lovely city of Liverpool was a great experience and an opportunity to engage and initiate in multiple research topics and collaborations.

I have immensely enjoyed being a Hodgson scholar and being a part of a truly international group. It was inspiring to have such dedicated trustees guide me throughout the period and their availability to establish a meaningful interaction and relationship, which helped me expand my network in international academia. Being a Hodgson scholar, I always had a strong support network from which to seek advice for the more challenging aspects of my personal and academic life.

The learning experiences I had which would have been impossible without the Hodgson scholarship are rewarding for many years to come and I look forward to continuing interacting with the Hodgson trust and my most beloved scholars in the future.

Irene Babu, Hodgson Law Scholar (2019-2020)

My name is Ayla Alves, I am a lawyer from Brazil and currently a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow at UNSW Sydney. I graduated from my Bachelor of Laws from a relatively small State University (UEFS) in Brazil, in 2017. After graduation, I really wanted to pursue a career in academia, but the prospects in my home country were not the best. I got offers from a few British Universities, but as an international student, I could not have afforded a LLM in the UK without a scholarship.

Being awarded the Hodgson Scholarship was truly life-changing for me. I graduated from the LLM in International Human Rights Law at UoL with a Distinction, which paved the way for being accepted and offered a scholarship to undertake a PhD at UNSW in Australia (ongoing), where I am now also a Teaching Fellow. The LLM at Liverpool funded by the Hodgson Trustees also led to an offer, by a former LLM Professor and mentor, for me to go on a 5-month traineeship at the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, in 2020-2021. A real dream-come-true for me.

The incredible professional opportunities that I have had since my LLM graduation are fruits of the trust and encouragement of the Hodgson Trustees in me. Now I am as close as ever to the professional goals I had set in 2017, and I know that I would not have come nearly as far without the support from the Hodgson Scholarship and the Trustees. Once again, thank you for everything!

Ayla Alves

The Hodgson Law Scholarship gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seize the valuable knowledge of a master programme. Not to mention the dynamic and student-friendly City of Liverpool, the Hodgson Law Scholarship and its professional community are something no scholar would want to miss.

Richard Trung Le

As a student, I found the Masters program to be very insightful and well planned given how the topics encompasses modern day business needs. I throughly enjoyed the classes and most of all the lecturers, Dr Alison Lui specifically. Her classes were so interactive and it made learning feel effortless. We also had lots of social events to take part in and mooting competitions which was a great experience.

Some of the topics I covered in the Masters program really helped kick start my career in Compliance today. As I still keep in touch with some of the lecturers from the university, last year, Dr Alison reached out to me and asked me to contribute a chapter to a book she was co-editing. Opportunities like this are so rare but I am truly grateful that the best lecturers go the extra mile for their students.

If it wasn’t for the Hodgson Law Scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to experience learning the way I did and be where I am today in my career. For that I will forever be grateful!

Sonia Devi

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As a Hodgson fellow, I was a part of a dynamic academic community where I had the opportunity to analyse the contemporary law challenges with prominent legal practitioners from diverse backgrounds. Such a variety of perspectives allowed each of the important issues to be scrutinised with divergent academic, professional, and personal intellectual rigour, which was tremendously beneficial for me as a young professional. An additional advantage I enjoyed as a Hodgson Scholar was the chance to participate in numerous extracurricular activities offered by the Liverpool Law School and the Guild of Students. In this regard, I was a part of the Professional Mentoring Scheme, where I got in touch with the local legal and business community, collaborated closely with professionals from the City of Liverpool and learned from their experience. I also volunteered at the University of Liverpool’s Law Clinic, which allowed me to work on real-life cases alongside UK-qualified lawyers and get practical experience in the field.

The knowledge I gathered at the University of Liverpool as a Hodgson Scholar was a significant booster for my legal career. Whilst a student, I received an internship which later was transformed into a part-time job in a Liverpool-based organisation that deals with human rights issues concerning child labour and modern slavery. I continued working in the field of international law and human rights. Currently, I am a legal consultant in several UK and US-based human rights organisations where I provide legal advice on topics related to human trafficking, modern slavery, peace-building, protection of civilians in armed conflict, transitional justice and criminal law. At the moment, I am also taking my bar exam, and I am an aspiring lawyer.

Overall, receiving a Hodgson Law Scholarship and being able to study a master course at the University of Liverpool had a significant impact on my life, both personally and professionally.

Ana Marija Apostoloska

The Hodgson Law Scholarship has truly changed my life and professional career. Six years after I had joined the University of Liverpool, I have become a dual-qualified solicitor working on up to USD1 billion cross-border disputes and waiting to defend a Ph.D degree in international investment law.

My words cannot express how grateful I am to the Hodgson trustees and all the people who supported me on the way. I encourage everyone to believe in themselves and go for their big dreams.

Oleksandra Vytiaganets

As a doctoral Hodgson scholar, I have been gifted with a wonderful educational, professional and social network, despite the various disruptions imposed by the pandemic.

Over the past academic year, I have made tremendous progress on my thesis related to understanding the security and defence mechanisms between the UK and the EU as a result of Brexit. With the excellent guidance of my supervisory team, I have broadened my understanding of the underlying legal questions and sharpened my analysis.

I have presented papers in a number of conferences including the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference August 2020, European Security and Foreign Policy in a Multipolar World Order, hosted by the University of Innsbruck. I presented my paper on ‘Collective Security through Alliance Security: Examining the Legal Framing of European Collective Security Components After Brexit’ on the panel ‘EU CSDP and NATO in the Era of Brexit and Trump’. Shortly after the US presidential election in November 2020, I participated in the lecture organised by Liverpool’s Dr Ben Murphy, ‘Reflections on the “Trump doctrine”: The US election, US foreign policy and the jus ad bellum”. In April 2021, I also presented a paper titled ‘Proximity and Ascension – Legal Instruments of the Regionalised Collective Security Regime’ at the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Workshop.

I have continued to be active in several research units at Liverpool: Global, EU & UK Public Law Unit, the International Law and Human Rights Unit, and the Critical Approaches to Criminal International Law Unit. I have also joined the Digest of State Practice of the Journal on the Use of Force and International Law editorial team as a regional coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. I enter the final year of my thesis with great excitement and anticipation, grateful for the wonderful opportunities made available through the generous support of the Hodgson scholarship.

Danielle Reeder, 3rd Year PhD Law Candidate

Haji came from Sumgayit, a seaside city in Azerbaijan, in order to further his study on International Law and Legal Studies, Legal Research at The University of Liverpool. He received his Law degree at the National Academy of Aviation (with Honours) and Vilnius University. In the course of his studies at Vilnius University he was awarded Lithuanian State Scholarship for his academic achievements, where he wrote his dissertation on the Legal aspects of Energy policy and published an article on the topic “European Union Eastern Partnership Policy and Azerbaijan: The window to Energy security cooperation” in 2016.

Having obtained professional legal experience in Azerbaijan, Haji undertook to broaden his research capacity and deepen his knowledge in International Law and Legal Studies, in which the way led him to The University of Liverpool. Based on his desire to apply academic and practical knowledge for the betterment of human resources development, Haji applied for Postgraduate degree at Liverpool University, in a welcoming North West city of England. After obtaining the University`s offer, being a Recipient of Hodgson Scholarship was quite vital for him to make this study opportunity possible and to realize his future goals and vision.

With the contribution of Hodgson Scholarship, Haji furthered his professional experience where he now works at “Baku Shipyard” as Legal Advisor and, at the same time continues his research in International law, Energy security and Sustainable Development.

Haji Gasimov, Hodgson Law Scholar (2018-2019)

Having a humble background, it would have been merely a dream to have a master’s degree (LL.M) from the University of Liverpool, UK, the realisation of which has been made possible through the prestigious Hodgson Law Scholarship.

Furthermore, the master’s degree from a well-reputed institution under an esteemed Hodgson Award, coupled with foreign research exposure, have lured my department, the Lahore High Court, to elevate me to the Lahore High Court Lahore as a “Research Officer” (a post meant to be occupied by one having a foreign qualification), to spearhead Research Department. This new assignment has reposed on me to undertake exhaustive research on tricky propositions and assist the honourable Chief Justice and the judges of Lahore High Court, enabling them to make timely decisions of cases, ultimately, contributing to the swift dispensation of justice in Pakistan.

In addition to this, I have been chosen as an editor for the law journal, “Case Law Bulletin”, issued by the Lahore High Court Research Department fortnightly. All this would not have been possible, had the Hodgson Law Scholarship not been there to help me to earn an LL.M from Liverpool. Therefore, I pay my special thanks to the Hodgson Trustees who are supporting the brightest minds across the globe to contribute to the legal profession and serve humanity in safeguard their rights. I am proud to be a Hodgson Scholar.

Muhammad Shahid, Hodgson Scholar (2019-2020)